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ZOE expectations

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Below are the expectations each driver is required to follow while working for ZO Enterprises. Requirements for all ZO Enterprises drivers:

ZO Enterprises,

1) All drivers must sign all logs, including off duty days.
2) Fuel times will be cross reference with Fuel reports, which includes fueled locations and times
    a) Time must match AZ Hours
    b) Must be logged on duty
    c) Location must match the location where you fueled
    f) Must be "Flagged in notes"

3) Post Trips are required by DOT of 15 minutes or more
    a) Must be flagged
    b) Prior to your 10 hour break.

4) Falsification on logs is unacceptable

    a) If unable to make your pickup time or delivery time notify dispatch immediately
    b) Falsification includes but not limited too

  1. stating you are in one location but in another
  2. Fueling while off duty
  3. Times entered inaccurate

5) You will receive a violation letter form Safety Compliance Plus
    a) Sign and date and return
    b) This is required by DOT
    c) Safety Compliance Plus is here to help you

6) Safety Compliance Plus is training all drivers on the ELD's  
    a) You will receive a Certificate of Training in Hours of Service and BigRoad

7) If you have any questions you can call
    a) ZO Enterprise 480-550-7922 or 630-276-8246
    b) Safety Compliance Plus 623-240-4077

Date:February 22, 2024

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